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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management:

Vector offers portfolio management services for institutions, such as foundations, government entities and business entities, as well as for individuals.  We are not a traditional or investment bank, so all the portfolios we manage are held at third party custodians, styled in the name of the client.  Via this arrangement, our clients grant us complete discretionary authority to exercise pertinent equity or fixed income trades on their behalf, but retain control of where and to whom the transfer or disbursement of funds may be made.

 There are four, broad categories in which we manage portfolios, from which our clients, with our help, choose the most appropriate:  Income, Balanced, Conservative Equity, and Growth Equity.

 Regardless of chosen category, every portfolio will be, to a certain extent, different.  Unlike a mutual fund in which everyone owns the exact same positions, each of our portfolios is geared toward the individual needs of our clients.  These differences within a given category reflect the various income needs, time horizons, risk appetites, and other parameters indicated to us by our clients during our conversations with them.  Regardless, all portfolio decisions are informed by our top-down, Classical Economic model approach to the investment markets.

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